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Confronting the brutal facts

This post is NOT about excuses.  This post IS about confronting the brutal facts. Last Sunday, I raced my first ever Ironman.  I accomplished my “B” goal of a sub 11 hour finish.  On one hand, I’ve very happy with the result.  Hurray!  … Continue reading

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Thank You!

Wow, tough day out there! Thank you so much for all the words of encouragement. Full race report to come soon, but here’s the quick version. Swim 1:15, exactly on target.  A lot harder than I was expecting with lots … Continue reading

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2011 Ironman Canada Race Plan

First off, to everyone who has wished me luck on the race tomorrow – THANK YOU!! Here’s my plan for tomorrow: Up at 4am.  Eat two packs of instant oatmeal with a banana. Water and coffee. 5:30am – arrive at … Continue reading

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2011 Ironman Canada Goals

It’s hard to believe that it’s finally here. 4 days to go.  I’ve gotten a few questions about what my goals are for the race.  I set them 10 months ago here, but here are the details: I look at my goals … Continue reading

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12 weeks of my life

Well.  I totally dropped the ball these past 12 weeks with my weekly update.  While I’ve tracked all my training, I haven’t been sharing it here.  Why is this important?  I’ve written before about writing your goals down and sharing … Continue reading

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16 days to go

It’s amazing how time creeps up on you.  Do me a favor, take a minute to set a goal for yourself.  It could be a year out, two years out…whatever, just do it.  No really, do it now.  Time will … Continue reading

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