2014 Race Calendar

What roads do you plan on traveling in 2014?

What roads do you plan on traveling in 2014?

Feb 16: First Half Marathon

  • One of my favorite races of the year. Great course along the water and usually perfect, crisp, racing conditions. Great to get an early season half marathon in the schedule which encourages winter miles.

Feb 22: P’ayak 50k – Nordic Ski Race

  • I still have yet to skate ski, and this may be an error in judgement going from no experience to the longest distance, but this will give me the motivation to train through January & February. I plan to use skate skiing through the winter as a substitute for mid week training on my bike…because I still struggle with riding in the cold rain of Vancouver winters more than a couple days per week.

Mar 2: Spring Series Aldergrove Short – Bike race

  • The Spring Series is 9 days of racing through March. The series is organized by Escape Velocity, a cycling club based in Vancouver that is passionate about developing the sport, especially amongst youth.
  • My plan for the series is to race the “B” group (roughly category 3) where the distances range from ~80km to 110km.

Mar 8: Spring Series River Road – Bike Race

Mar 9: Spring Series Wix Brown – Bike Race

Mar 15: Spring Series Bradner – Bike Race

Mar 16: Spring Series Murchie Road – Bike Race

Mar 22: Spring Series Thunderbird – Bike Race

Mar 23: Spring Series Atomic – Bike Race

Mar 29: Spring Series River Road Crit – Bike Race

Mar 30: Spring Series Snake Long – Bike Race

Apr 5: Spring Series Aldergrove Short – Bike Race

Apr 6: April Fools Half Marathon

  • I’ve done this one a couple of times. I love the location, course, accommodations, size…just about everything about it.

Apr 20: Sportif Series Aldergrove Long – Bike Race

  • The Sportif Series is 8 days of racing through April – August. This series is also organized by Escape Velocity (thank you!!).

May 3: Sportif Series Thunderbird – Bike Race

May 10: Lost Lake 50k – Trail Run

  • Held in Larrabee State Park and running up Chuckanut mountain. 2500 meters of elevation gain & 50km. Still not 100% committed to this

Jun 8: Sportif Series Atomic Long – Bike Race

Jun 28: Sportif Series Thunderbird Long – Bike Race

July 20: Prospera Valley GranFondo – 160km Bike Race

  • I did this GranFondo in 2012 and it was my first time racing on my road bike. It was a blast that got me hooked. I’m looking forward to doing it again in 2014.

Jul 27: Sportif Series Aldergrove East – Bike Race

Aug 23: Sportif Series Bradner – Bike Race

Aug 24: Sportif Series River Road – Bike Race

Sept 1-7: Haute Route Pyrenees – 7 stage Bike Race

  • My “A” race for the season and where I will target my training in order to peak. ~20,000 meters of elevation, ~800km over 7 days of racing. I’ll be doing many Seymour and Cypress hill repeats all summer to get ready for this one!!

Well, that’s my plan, what’s yours?

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