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Avalanche Risk

The avalanche danger scale has moved between considerable and high over the past couple of weeks which is somewhat of a mixed blessing.  On one hand, it’s really exciting because of the glorious amounts of fresh snow.  On the other, the new snow means that … Continue reading

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Lofty Goals

I’ve been thinking recently about some of the comments I’ve received regarding my “lofty”(their word) future goals.   I can see why people think they’re lofty – I haven’t yet articulated the smaller, incremental goals that show how I’ll accomplish the larger ones.  I recognize that I can’t … Continue reading

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Lactic Threshold

Last week, I paid a visit to Bjoern Ossenbrink at Lifesport Coaching to do a “maximal aerobic power test” also known as a Lactic Threshold test. Basically, a lactic threshold test is designed to figure out the exercise intensity (and corresponding … Continue reading

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Fresh Tracks

I’ve recently been getting in some solid training and my body’s feeling pretty good, other than a tight IT band and lower back (both fairly normal for me) which I think I got addressed tonight with a visit to my chiropractor. … Continue reading

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