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IMC 2011 HST Decision

I just got off the phone with Graham Fraser.  First off, I wanted to let you know that it was my first encounter with Graham and I’d like to say that he is truly passionate about the sport and IMC in … Continue reading

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IMC 2011 HST Options

I haven’t yet heard back from Graham Fraser from NA Sport following my response to his email to me on Friday.  I sent him some options which I thought were worth considering.  If you have some more suggestions, leave them … Continue reading

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Poor Business Planning – NA Sport Charges Retroactive HST

Update Nov 26th, 8pm.  I received an email from NA Sport accepting responsiblity for the error and clarifying that it was not a WTC error.  I’m setting up a call with the contact to get more information, however, he did say:  “I … Continue reading

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 It sure feels great when everything’s moving in the right direction.   I’ve had some high quality workouts over the past two weeks and feel like I’m in a great place. Reasons why it would have been easy to have a … Continue reading

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Final H2H?

Had a great time last weekend doing Haney 2 Harrison with an Open Mens team.   Unfortunately, this will be the last year for H2H.  Word is that the community is not very supportive of the race.  Strange when I can see the … Continue reading

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Seawall Race

I felt pretty trashed after the Triple Crown on Saturday and wasn’t expecting to race the James Cunningham Seawall Race on Sunday.  I thought that I would take it easy and maybe pace Allison for her race.  However, she decided that … Continue reading

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Epic Ride

After our ride last Saturday to Horseshoe Bay with two trips up to the first lookout of Cypress, our group declared that it was an Epic Ride.  I completely agreed.  We pushed each other and fed off each other’s energy and enthusiasm.  We didn’t give up … Continue reading

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