Am I ready for Sunday?

I have my fourth Ironman in a couple of days and I have so many thoughts going through my head. Have I done enough training? Did I do the right training? Am I getting sick? Am I going to have a good race? A great race? I attribute many of these thoughts to the decreased training volume and thus, the spare time I have to think about such things. The truth is, I am the best prepared I’ve ever been for an Ironman. I have done everything possible to get ready (well, except become a strong swimmer). I know the race is going to hurt. I know there will be things I will learn. And I know I’ll have fun. Second guessing myself doesn’t help anything. Believing in myself, my training and my mental toughness will get to the finish line as quickly as possible.

On Sunday, I will…

  • Focus on finding a set of feet to follow in the swim. I will be relaxed, smooth and efficient.
  • Find my rhythm on the bike, slowly ramp up effort and stay steady from there. I’ll conserve matches while also working hard. I’ll be in pain but it will be a pain I will endure.
  • Be light on my feet in the run. Focus on a high cadence, a smooth stride and a steady pace. I will push through the pain and keep my feet moving.
  • Follow my nutrition plan.
  • And, I will put on sunscreen, twice.

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend!!

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