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2013 Ironman Coeur d’Alene

I’m burnt. I’m really burnt. At the race on Sunday I distinctly remember coming out of the transition tent and seeing volunteers with gobs of sunscreen on their hands ready to quickly apply some. I chose to run to my … Continue reading

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Decisions & Consequences

I just found out that Steve Romeo died in an avalanche a couple of weeks ago. I started reading his very popular TetonAT blog a few years ago after climbing Mount Baker and catching the bug of backcountry skiing. I never met … Continue reading

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What’s on your gear list?

Many (okay, all) of the goals that I have require specialized and expensive equipment.  While I have 99% of the gear needed for my current triathlon goals, there are still many pieces of gear that I’m missing for future goals.  It’s hard to practice, train … Continue reading

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Climbing Infographic

Very cool!        

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Avalanche Risk

The avalanche danger scale has moved between considerable and high over the past couple of weeks which is somewhat of a mixed blessing.  On one hand, it’s really exciting because of the glorious amounts of fresh snow.  On the other, the new snow means that … Continue reading

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Fresh Tracks

I’ve recently been getting in some solid training and my body’s feeling pretty good, other than a tight IT band and lower back (both fairly normal for me) which I think I got addressed tonight with a visit to my chiropractor. … Continue reading

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