Hello my name is…

changing-job-goalsI’ve been training almost non-stop for long distance triathlons over the last three years.

Three months ago, I hit a wall and my swim training more or less evaporated.

What happened?

I realized I don’t enjoy swimming and never will. I kept trying to convince myself to like it and keep at it, but I’m ready to admit that swimming is not for me.

And, I’m okay with this. Life is too short to do things you don’t enjoy.

When I figured this out, I basically abandoned swimming all together even though I have three long distance triathlons coming up soon where I’ll need to swim 4km continuously. Not the smartest plan and swimming that distance is a scary thought right now.

What I’m committed to is doing the training needed to get me through the swims, but no more. I’ll spend most of my time on my bike or running the trails…two activities that I’m always excited about.

With this realization I sat down and thought about whether I still wanted to pursue my long time goal of qualifying for the Ironman World Championships. While it’s a challenging pursuit, it’s no longer something that gets me excited. I found it both hard and easy to change this goal. Hard because a part of me feels like I’m giving up. Easy because I know it’s no longer a priority in my life and not something that I want to put my time into.

I’m replacing that goal with: I will comfortably ride with the “B group” during the March 2014 Spring Cycling Series, and I will compete for a podium position each race. This one resonates with me and is something I want to work hard to achieve.

With Kona no longer being a goal, I’ve also rethought my goals for my upcoming triathlons. Here they are:

June 1: Belfort Long Course World Championships.

  • Top 10% bike split overall
  • Less than 2:20.00 for the run

June 23: Ironman Coeur d’Alene

  • Top 10% bike split overall
  • Less than 3:20 for the run

August 25: Ironman Canada

  • Top 10% bike split overall
  • Less than 3:15 for the run
  • Less than 10:00 hours total time

I’m excited about this change in direction and can’t wait to get back on my bike!

Happy training!

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