What doesn’t kill you makes you…Erin

I wrote this post a couple of months ago, but didn’t end up posting. She’s back in town right now and I just read it to her and she gave me the go ahead to post. She inspires me, I hope she’ll do the same for you.

My post today is about strength of character, about persisting through adversity and about knowing what you can do despite someone telling you otherwise.

What got me thinking about this?

My friend, Erin, was visiting last week and I learned that it took her three tries to get into medical school. It got me thinking about whether or not I would have the persistence to keep applying after the first AND second rejection.  I told her how special this made her, but she thought it was weird that this made her “special”.  She thought of it as having failed to get in not once, but twice.

I turned it around and asked her how many people she thought would keep fighting in the same circumstance?  What makes her special is her internal confidence saying that she would get in and that she’d be a great doctor.  This ferocity, fire and heart is what makes her special.  These characteristics will make her incredibly successful, no matter the career she pursues.

So, think for a second what happens when you have a rough day?  How do you react?   How do you harness the adversity in your life to make yourself stronger?

Me?  I think it’s the rough days juxtaposed with the great days that make the great days great….that’s a lot of great, but you get the point.

And Erin, thanks for the reminder, you’ve got character in spades.

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