A Year I’m Looking Forward To

Shane and I after the Fat Ass 50k

Shane and I after the Fat Ass 50k

2013 is going to be a year full of big races.


Still yet to be decided is the first “race” of the year. My friend Shane has invited me to do the Fat Ass 50km on January 1st. I say race, because it’s not actually a race (I think the permit costs prevent it from becoming a race, so no losers, only winners!). I’m still having an internal debate over how smart this is having not run longer than 24km in months…this could be a game time decision. ~Okay, I started writing this post before the this “race”. I ran it and it was a blast! First ultra run and something I’ll do again, but next time I’ll do some training. Thanks for the inspiration Shane!


First up is one of my favorite races of the season, the First Half Marathon on February 10th. If you’re a runner in Vancouver, you know about this race. It sells out the morning it opens for registration, it has a reasonable 8:30am start time, it has an amazing route around the seawall and I love the time of the year – normally crisp and perfect race conditions. Don’t have an entry? One cool thing about this race is that you can transfer entries and there’s always lots up for grabs if you ask around.


I’m going to try for a double race weekend with The Dirty Duo on March 9th and the UBC Triathlon on March 10th. I’ve done the Dirty Duo a couple of times over the last few years as a relay and Joel and I are going for the win this year – all thanks to Joel’s amazing mountain bike skills! The triathlon the next day will be a good early season race to work out the kinks (and hopefully not be as freaking cold as last time!).


The first big race of the year will be the 2013 Belfort ITU Long Distance World Championships on June 1st. I qualified for this at the Shawnigan Lake Half Iron last summer and I couldn’t be more excited about representing my country as an amateur athlete. I never dreamed I would have this opportunity!! What makes it even cooler is that some great friends are racing as well AND Allison is coming. Pre and post race we’ll be traveling the area, including stays in Zurich, Belfort, Interlaken, Chamonix and Cinque Terre…this is going to be an amazing trip!

Next up is Ironman Coeur d’Alene on June 23rd, for the second year in a row. I loved this race last year and am really excited to return. Rich will be racing as well and I’m looking forward to many amazing training days with him kicking my ass on the bike.


A few months later I have Ironman Canada. This will be the first time that Ironman Canada is hosted by Whistler and I am incredibly excited about competing only a couple of hours from home.

Season goals:

My goals for the season (in order of importance): (a) have fun; (b) qualify for the Ironman World Championships; (c) complete an Ironman in less than 10 hours; (d) finish all races started.


(a) Life’s too short not to have fun, especially when it’s something taking up most of my free time.

(b) I want to compete at the highest level as an amateur in my sport and getting to Kona is a feat that is incredibly challenging.

(c) I want a new personal best.

(d) If I’m healthy enough to start a race, my thinking is that I should be healthy enough to finish and it would only be mental toughness causing me to quit. I don’t give up.

That’s what I’m registered for. I’m sure there will be a few others, probably the Longest Day 10k, maybe the April Fools half marathon and the Saint Patrick’s day 5k is always fun.

What are your goals for the season?

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2 Responses to A Year I’m Looking Forward To

  1. nadine says:

    “I don’t give up”….damn right you don’t! If anyone has mental toughness on there side, it’s you. Best wishes for a great year Geoff!!!

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