Am I a Producer?

I haven’t been overly productive or disciplined over the last three weeks.  A few things came together to get me out of my routine, and once I’m out, it can be tough to get back in.  I’m back in now and have had great sessions the last 4 days [I love the image to the left which was created by Dragos Roua, to read his great post on productivity, click on the image].

Here’s what happened to my swimming and biking…

On the swimming front, I feel like I let myself down and didn’t put the work in for a few sessions.  No specific reason I can think of, but I didn’t have my normal drive to get it done and work.  I think recognizing this is important and will hopefully result in me changing some things up.  A couple of thoughts:

  1. Biking right before going to the pool doesn’t result in a good swim.  Action: duh, don’t bike right before the swim sessions.
  2. Commit to getting the full workout done.  Action: stop saying that I can finish once I hit 2000m, etc.  Get the full workout done.
  3. Work the sets.  Action: do the drills properly.  Swim the sets on the right splits.
  4. Remember why I’m there. Action: I may never love swimming the way I love biking and running, but make the most of it and continue challenging myself to improve.

Now I can’t blame the lack of swimming on just a lack of drive.  I also had a business trip that took me away for a few days and I had laser eye surgery (more on this soon) which means I couldn’t swim for 7-10 days.  I should be able to get back in the pool at the end of the week or start of next week.

I’d love to blame the weather on my lack of hitting my targets on the bike, but there’s no reason I couldn’t have set up my trainer and gotten the time in (I’m re-setting it up this week).  I could also blame the mechanicals that I seem to be having (broken wheel and 2 bottom brackets), but Speed Theory takes away all my excuses by fixing my bikes right away whenever I walk into the store (these guys are fantastic!).  So – moving past these excuses, it’s really only me that’s responsible.  Some thoughts:

  1. No more sleeping in.  These sessions are some of the only sessions I do on my own and therefore the easiest to miss.  No more.  Action: get to bed early and get up for the session!
  2. Be ready.  Action: have a bike on the trainer ready to go and bike for outside ready to go – game time decision is fine, but do one or the other.

A highlight from this week had to be my Saturday ride where I rode 11 laps of Stanley Park before 10am with a  group that really pushed me.  When I told non bikers that I did this they wondered why people would lap Stanley Park, they said: “isn’t that really boring?”.  The answer (for me at least) is no.  First off, riding in Stanley Park is gorgeous.  Second, the route makes for perfect intervals of about 10km with a pretty steady few km followed by a tough climb followed by a screaming decent.  The route has varied terrain that keeps me thinking and keeps me working.  Case in point: I looked at my average heart rate compared to the week before and it was a full 8 beats higher (143 vs. 135) on the ride.  I was not bored.

Another highlight had to be getting my fill of Vitamin D in Orange County which I talk about here.

This week was a full on recovery week.  It wasn’t planned, but it let my body recover.  And, I got to have a great time in California and got some new eyes!

I still couldn’t swim this past week, but got some great biking in at the end of the week.  The longer sessions during the week were exactly what I need to be doing to get the time in versus the shorter sessions I’ve been doing.  I think this will be my recipe moving forward.

I finally got 2 core sessions in during a week – it was bound to happen at some point!  Let’s see if I can make it two weeks in a row.

I have a big weekend ahead in Penticton where I’ll be riding (and taking some photos!) the full 180km IMC course – can’t wait!

Here’s the plan for the week:

  • Swim: 1 hr & 2km (*should be able to swim Thursday)
  • Bike: 10 hrs & 290km
  • Run: 5 hrs & 60km
  • 2 core sessions

So…am I a Producer? Short answer, not yet.  I’ve got the high goals; I have some work to do on the discipline front.

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3 Responses to Am I a Producer?

  1. Ray says:

    Was your eye surgery for laser vision correction? I only ask because I’ve always thought to entertain it myself. Thanks.

  2. Nancy says:

    You left me out of your schedule!

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