Weekly Recap Feb 28 – Mar 6

Very happy with the week’s training.

I biked 120km Saturday which was the longest bike of the year so far.  The ride felt great, but I could feel it in the legs during the race today – my first triathlon!!  I was using the race as training, so I didn’t taper and wasn’t planning on going all out, but I have a hard time not trying hard, so I pushed it to my limit…as usual. 

The race was an Olympic distance – 1500m swim, 40km bike, 10km run.  I was pretty worried about the swim, but I came out with the exact time I thought I would.  Anyone that knows anything about swimming would be embarrassed with my time, but it’s a start with lots of room for potential improvement! 

The bike was windy and cold.  My feet were bricks of ice midway through the ride and halfway through the run.  If I did the UBC Tri again, I’d wear boot covers.

It was fun to see so many familiar faces out there, thanks to Stephen, Darren, Richele, Donovan, Christine, Mark, Lauren, Oliver and anyone I missed.  The cheers kept me going!!

Results: 34 min swim, 1:14 bike, 43 min run and 2:32 overall. 


Plan for this week:

Swim 3 hrs & 6.5km

Bike 6 hrs & 170km

Run 4 hrs & 52km

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